Marijuana Edibles
What edibles are, why they may seem stronger, how they are sold in Washington State, how they may affect you differently than smoking. (ADAI, 2014)

Vaping & Dabbing Marijuana
Devices and products currently available in Washington State for vaping cannabis, what is currently known about them, and what more we need to know about vaping marijuana. (ADAI, 2016)

Cannabis Concentration and Health Risks: Research Brief
This brief, based on a report and consensus statement developed by a workgroup of researchers from both the UW and WSU, provides a summary of the scientific evidence on health risks related to cannabis concentration and high-potency cannabis. (ADAI, 2020)

Calls to Washington Poison Center for Intentional Exposure to Cannabis, 2017-2020
The demographics and clinical severity of cases reported to the poison center from 2017-2020, by type of cannabis product consumed (plant, extract, edible, e.g.). (ADAI, 2021)

Marijuana Research Report
Summary from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) of what the most up-to-date science has to say about marijuana and its effects on those who use it at any age. (NIDA, 2020)

I-502 Evaluation & Benefit-Cost Analysis
Addresses preliminary findings from analyses of effects of I-502 on cannabis use disorder treatment admissions and how differences in the amount of legal cannabis sales affected cannabis-related treatment admissions, youth and adult substance use, and drug-related criminal convictions. (WSIPP, 2017)

Product Development & Advertising: Beyond Brownies & Joints
ADAI Research Scientist Bia Carlini, PhD shares information in this presentation about the fast transformation of marijuana products since legalization, how marketing strategies have been used to normalize use, and the importance of adjusting prevention and education messages to address the new reality in our state.  (ADAI webinar, 2017)

Learn About Marijuana E-Learning Module: Concentrates, Edibles & Flowers
Online training module (about 15 minutes long) on the different types of cannabis products and how they are used. (ADAI, 2017)