Impact of marijuana on adolescent memory, attention, and learning; school performance; problematic behaviors; mental health; and more. (ADAI, 2015)

Adult Consumers 
Frequently asked questions for adult cannabis users. (ADAI, 2014)

Hispanic & Latino Youth 
Historical context of cannabis and Latino/Hispanic youth, how culture impacts use, data and trends of use, and culturally informed treatment interventions. (ADAI, 6/2018)

Looking After a Friend
How you can help a friend who has a bad experience with marijuana. (ADAI, 6/2013)

Older Adults
Statistics and concerns related to use of cannabis by older adults. (ADAI, 2016)

Seniors & Marijuana 
Presentation about older adult/senior use of marijuana and how seniors can use more safely. (ADAI, 2019)

Parent’s Guide to Preventing Underage Marijuana Use 
Brochure for parents with information and tips on how to talk to their kids about marijuana. (Seattle Children’s, SDRG, 2017)

People at Risk for Problems 
Information about unique risks for problems related to marijuana use by adolescents, older adults, pregnant women, people with mental health disorders, and more. (ADAI, 2019)

Pregnant Women & Children 
Research report about marijuana’s impact on pregnant women and their children. (ADAI, 2016)

Sexual Risk Behaviors in Youth & Emerging Adults 
The science on how marijuana use can impact sexual risk behavior in youths. (ADAI, 2018)

WA Young Adult Health Survey 
Factsheets and reports from the Washington Young Adult Health Survey. (CSHRB, DSHS, 2018)

Marijuana in the Workplace in WA 
FAQ about marijuana law as it relates to employment in Washington State. (MRSC, 2019)