Health Effects of Cannabis & Cannabinoids:
HighlightsConclusionsFull Report (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, 2017)

Medicinal Cannabis & Chronic Pain 
How cannabis can help manage pain, medicinal cannabis safety and potential side effects, and information about the law in Washington State. (ADAI, 2015)

Appetite and Marijuana
How marijuana can impact appetite and studies related to its use for weight control. (ADAI, 2013)

Calls to Washington Poison Center for Intentional Exposure to Cannabis, 2017-2020
The demographics and clinical severity of cases reported to the poison center from 2017-2020, by type of cannabis product consumed (plant, extract, edible, e.g.). (ADAI, 2021)

Mental Health and Marijuana
See also (pdfs): ADHDAnxiety Disorders; Bipolar DisordersDepressionPsychotic DisordersPTSD 
Information about studies exploring the link between marijuana use and mental health symptoms. (ADAI, 2017)

Reproduction and Pregnancy
How marijuana can affect fertility, pregnancy, and infants. (ADAI, 2015)

Respiratory Effects 
Effects of long-term marijuana use on the lungs and how the different routes of delivery for marijuana (smoking, eating, vaping, e.g.) can impact respiratory system. (ADAI, 2013)

Secondhand Exposure to Marijuana Smoke 
Potential health risks from secondhand marijuana smoke and how it compares to secondhand tobacco smoke.  (ADAI, 2018)