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Adult Recreational Marijuana Consumers

Information on this page is intended to help adult consumers of marijuana understand and minimize their risks from use. Remember, you must be 21 or older to use marijuana legally in Washington State. (See also: Factsheets on Marijuana Edibles and Vaping.)

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Recreational Marijuana for Adults: How Marijuana Users Can Minimize Risks

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Marijuana Use in Washington State: An Adult Consumer's Guide. What You Need to Know

From the WA State Liquor & Cannabis Board, updated 3/2015.

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Marijuana in Seattle, history, zoning, fines, and FAQs

Videos and E-Learning Modules

Learn About Marijuana E-Learning Modules: Five interactive online modules provide information about marijuana and our bodies, different products and methods of use, Washington state law, helping others quit or cut back, and more! (ADAI, UW 2017)

Beyond Brownies and Joints: Product Development and Advertising in the Legal Era: Presented by the WA Association of Prevention Coalitions (WAPCo) and Prevention WINS, Dr. Beatriz Carlini, PhD, MPH of the University of Washington shares information about the fast transformation of marijuana products since legalization and how marketing strategies have been used to normalize use. (ADAI, UW 2017)

Facts About Marijuana: Washington's Law, Impaired Driving, and Health: Video from the Washington State Department of Health (2015)

Frequently Asked Questions

Adults who don't have heart disease or psychiatric conditions, don't use marijuana while pregnant or when it's dangerous (before or while driving, e.g.), and only use marijuana occasionally probably aren't at risk of harm to their health.

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